1440 beautiful photos of the pieces tell a "beautiful watch (bijin-tokei)"

Here, it introduces the article on 「1440 beautiful photos of the pieces tell a "beautiful watch (bijin-tokei)"」 of sexy news 24.
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1440 beautiful photos of the pieces tell a The site "Beautiful woman clock (bijin-tokei)" seems to be a topic. Site where time is taught by 1440 images of Japanese beautiful woman. There are a blog parts and gadgets, too.

The site of the clock tool that informs them of time , saying that "Beautiful woman clock (bijin-tokei)". ..1440 Japanese beautiful woman.. change every minute the photographPresent time is displayed in the board part that is reflected in the image the beautiful woman model, and has it in the hand. 1440 images in all will change in one minute, there be several pieces for one, and seem to exist.

Web page version includes a Japanese version and an English version, and model's profile is displayed at the right of the photographic imagery.

The beautiful woman appears in such feeling at intervals of one minute. It informs them of time.

There seem to be another, a blog parts, iGoogle gajet, and WindowsVista gadget etc. of the Web version.

The blog parts were pasted.

Sleep this good. It seems to be popular.
Is time written on this board and were 1440 photographs taken?

A person the hiding character also schedules appearance in the beautiful woman in the rumor.

Original article (Japanese)

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2009/04/08 21:25

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