Rape damage "Grade-schooler" is 12%

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Rape damage It seemed to be a result of the survey that the Cabinet Office did, and the ratio in which time when it had encountered the damage of "Experience having sexual intercourse by force from opposite sex" was assumed to be "Grade-schooler" to be 12.2%.
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ピクシースマイル 小○生ことりちゃん○才 It paved in the woman of "Experience having sexual intercourse by force from opposite sex" (1675 people) in the investigation to which the Cabinet Office did last autumn when answering, 123 people (7.3%) were "Certain" in the asked question, and there seem to have been as much as 12.2% answer "Grade-schooler" in the question on the period at that time. 8.8% when investigating last time.

The ratio becomes as much as 15.5% if it puts it together on "Before it enters a school of the elementary school".
It comes to rape and to be done at a lot of rates that are considerably when it is a grade-schooler.

There seem to be a lot of people with whom it cannot consult when it is shameful even if it encounters damage.

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2009/04/10 22:29

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