AV actress Aika's blog is the outdoors exposure to say nothing of boobs and sexy full loading of movie.

AV actress The blog of AV actress "Aika" is terrible.
Bang Bang has been improved to the photograph where the outdoors were exposed far from recording a lot of photographs of boobs. Furthermore, it is to sexy movie. This is very good service.

フィストファック 藍花 Even as for the AV actress, the person who is putting out boobs is a little in the article on the blog.
The blog of AV actress "Aika" who introduces it this time is wonderful. It is not a level of such a dimension as boobs is put out.

The boobs photograph is published by putting out boobs and saying natural.
More than the photograph where clothes are possibly worn. Moreover, the photograph that came out by "Nakedness" was seen a little.

In addition, Mr. Aika is a considerable challenger. It seems to expose the outdoors in various places. The image improves, too and it exists.

It is movie in the end.
Milk is massaged, held, the worth nipple is placed with the clip, and it is worth.
It is a very wonderful blog.


Please see the blog of Aika in detail.

Blog of Aika「藍花のAV女優になりたぁ~い☆」

Original article (Japanese)

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