It is taking a picture of Tomomi Kahara X-rated video?

It is taking a picture of Tomomi Kahara X-rated videoTomomi Kahara that is called “Tomo-chan" stopping public entertainments activity just now. Even China : the other day though the kind of rumor "Tomomi Kahara returns for the pornography of the impact to debut" is seen a lot on the net. 「It converts it into the Tomomi Kahara AV actress. The reward is 400 million yen. 」There was news. Is it true?

Sex has written becoming in the one imaged none in AV to which Tomomi Kahara performs according to the article ..stark-naked.. ..exposure.. only having like pornography to which Kimika Yoshino performed.

And, pornography was written having already approved Tomomi Kahara by the reward about 400 million yen while taking a picture now.
There is not so much credibility though it seems to be true.

Even Japan「Tomomi Kahara has already taken a picture of pornography. ?」The possibility might not be 0 because it is seen.
A considerable impact will start at the people to say nothing of the industry if the pornography of Tomo-chan is achieved.

However, why? willIt is feelings that I cannot want to see so much personally.
The smile at which it laughed by Sanrio Puroland on the side of the Kitty has burnt into memory.
When going out to "Denpa-Shounen" of the TV program and holding out in the United States, it cheered.

Moreover, isn't it good like the full nude photograph album though it thinks an energetic appearance to want to see? already

The image from photograph collections of Tomomi Kahara was gleaned.

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